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Partnering with SportsmansReview.com

      SportsmansReview.com is rapidly becoming the destination for sportsmen to learn about the latest and best gear in the hunting and fishing markets. As a manufacturer or distributor of hunting and fishing products, you will benefit from partnering with SportsmansReview.com.  We've outlined the top reasons to partner with us:

#1 - Growing Traffic - SportsmansReview.com's traffic is rapidly increasing. As you can see from the report below, the number of visitors has grown significantly and has continued its rapid increase!
   SportsmansReview.com Traffic Report

#2 - Keyword Searches and Affiliate Links - SportsmansReview.com's team excels at search engine marketing. Once a review is published, it climbs right to the top of most major searches. So, when users seek out a review for your item, it is likely they'll immediately run across SportsmansReview.com. Additionally, all participating manufacturers receive a link on our links page to increase affiliate marketing. When you partner with us, your product's visibility will increase!

#3 - Expert Reviews - Our backbone is our carefully selected staff. Each pro-staffer has an eye for detail and the desire to provide quality reviews for others. We look for distinguishing features and performance results that set one product apart from another. Additionally, reviews aren't conducted in a vacuum, we consult with each other and carefully compare to similar products in the same category.

#4 - Unique Business Model - There is no one else like SportsmasReview.com. Although you may find product reviews on the internet, you won't find such a comprehensive collection of reviews done by experts only. We are not paid or sponsored by any manufacturer. We only publish reviews that meet strict criteria. Can you really trust reviews published by a giant retailer on their own website? Can you trust reviews where hundreds of people randomly submit their opinion?

#5 - Low Cost - For the cost of a product sample, you'll receive the additional marketing support of SportsmansReview.com. Just send your product and it will get tested, reviewed and published. No strings attached - no solicitation for advertising, no "premium" packages or calls to upgrade a listing.

#6 - Trusted Source - In today's media filled world, consumers are increasingly skeptical of advertising. SportsmansReview.com provides you method of reaching your consumers via a trusted and respected medium that you simply can't achieve through traditional advertising.

If you are still on the fence, please feel free to contact me directly. But, if you are ready, simply send your product to our address below:

1004 Country Club Dr
Marshall, MN 56258

Nick Schwarz

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