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      SportsmansReview.com features a carefully selected staff who actively seek and review hunting and fishing gear for all sportsmen. We handle our own reviews to ensure they are unbiased and consistent. This allows us to compare new items with previously published reviews in an apples-to-apples manner. However, there are several ways you can participate:

Hunters & Fishermen

#1 - Suggest a Review - If there is a product that you'd like us to review, simply send an email to Info@SportsmansReview.com  Please include as much information about the item including the brand name and product name or model number.  We'll do our best to try to acquire this product and add it to our existing testing schedule.

#2 - Submit a Review - You should submit a review only for items that you have personally hunted or fished with.  In order to submit a review, you'll be asked fill out a form that contains questions about the product and your experiences with it.  Once this form is completed and you submit the review, we will add it into our existing testing schedule.  Our team will then try to acquire the product and test it in accordance to our review process.  As part of that review, where possible, we'll supplement our findings with the information you've submitted. Submit a review now!

Manufacturers & Distributors

#3 - Provide a Product - If you are a manufacturer or distributor of hunting and fishing products and would like to consider submitting your product for review, please click here

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