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Duck Calls


Who doesn't love seeing the mallards turn around after blowing the comeback call?

Crouse Brothers Calls Duck call 5.0 - Overall width= 5.0 - Performance width= 5.0 - Durability width= 5.0 - Value width= 5.0 - Sportsman's Edge width=   $80.00 Read Full Review
RNT Daisy Cutter Acrylic Duck Call 4.7 - Overall width= 4.8 - Performance width= 4.7 - Durability width= 4.2 - Value width= 4.9 - Sportsman's Edge width=   $125.00 Read Full Review
Hunters Specialties HS Strut Signature Single Reed Duck Call 4.5 - Overall width= 4.5 - Performance width= 4.0 - Durability width= 4.7 - Value width= 4.7 - Sportsman's Edge width=   $16.50 Read Full Review
Hunters Specialties 4 in 1 Duck Whistle 4.0 - Overall width= 3.0 - Performance width= 4.0 - Durability width= 5.0 - Value width= 4.0 - Sportsman's Edge width=   $15.00 Read Full Review
Lohman Mallard Duck Call 2.2 - Overall width= 3.0 - Performance width= 4.0 - Durability width= 2.0 - Value width= 1.0 - Sportsman's Edge width=   $9.00 Read Full Review

Article: Selecting the right Duck Call
   Author: Nick Schwarz
   Date: July 17, 2006

Today (Oct 2005) I purchased a RNT Daisy Cutter Duck Call from Sportsmanís Warehouse. Iíve had my eye on this for over a year. I picked it up for $124.95. It comes with a nice bag, care instructions, and a spare cork board & reed. Typically these list at $135.00, but I found it on sale. Mine is the black acrylic. Okay, hereís what I found:

  • Acrylic is preferred as it provides a more crisp, clear and well traveled sound
  • RNT knows their stuff! They are clearly one of, if not the premiere providers of duck calls.
  • I picked up around 10 calls today and tried them out. There is a noticeable difference between them all. And, the Daisy Cutter was the easiest for me to blow. It has a good mix of Ďraspinessí and high hail call ability.  Basically, it could extend from a low note to a high, loud call.
  • I hunt ducks primarily in an open slough surrounded by crop land. When we see ducks in the distance, we have to Ďget on the hornsí to coax them in. I also do some hunting along a wooded river. This call could meet both of my needs.
  • As I tried each call, I made note of what I liked and didnít like. When I picked up the Daisy Cutter, I was nearly blown away (as to how much better it fit me versus the other calls).
  • I chose the black one Ė itís pretty cool with the engraving and black is a personal preference for call color for me.

Call selection is a personal thing. Itís like buying a new pair of jeans. There is not rule of thumb that everyone can live by to make their selection. You must try on what fits you. Simply go to a store where you can try them out and blow them all Ė donít be shy. Iíve heard worse callers in the field. At least if you suck it up in the store, you are trying to improve (and you arenít scaring away the waterfowl). Really, you have to trust me on this Ė swallow your pride, goto a store and blow 10 calls. Also, set your budget before you try the calls. I found some poly carb RNT calls for $20-30 that we superb and a Mic Lacey acrylic that was awesome too!

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