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Guide Gear Treestand Review

Performance: 4.0 - Performance width=
Durability: 4.7 - Durability width=
Value: 4.5 - Value width=
Sportsman's Edge: 4.0 - Sportsman's Edge width=
Overall: 4.2 - Overall width=
Ave Price: $59.00

Guide Gear Treestand   

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Guide Gear Treestand Review:

Great, cheap, portable stand. Attaches to a tree nicely. Use tree steps for a quick setup. I have used this stand for 3 years and it has held up well. I even left it out 2 of those years all winter long. If solidly attached, it doesn't creak. Bring along an extra strap tie down in case you need to secure it better on odd shaped trees.

Reviewer: - Jerry Matzner
Review Date: - 2/19/2007

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