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TTI Blakemore Road Runner Jigheads Review

Performance: 4.5 - Performance width=
Durability: 4.0 - Durability width=
Value: 4.0 - Value width=
Sportsman's Edge: 4.5 - Sportsman's Edge width=
Overall: 4.3 - Overall width=
Ave Price: $4.00

TTI Blakemore Road Runner Jigheads   

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TTI Blakemore Road Runner Jigheads Review:

These jigs have that something extra that set them apart from other jigheads. On the bottom of the jig there is a small swivel and spinner blade. This creates just enough flash to make a difference. You can get several versions of this jig with different blades, and body types. I had good luck with the 1/8 oz version of this lure on Crappies, and even caught a few walleyes with it.

Reviewer: - Kevin Mayer
Review Date: - 2/21/2013

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