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Clam Ice Fishing Chair Review

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Ave Price: $80.00

Clam Ice Fishing Chair   

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Clam Ice Fishing Chair Review:

The Clam Chair is a nice item for the ice fisherman who wants to remain mobile - especially those without a 4-wheeler or other vehicle. The chair dubs as a backpack with storage. It's relatively lightweight (12 pounds) and includes ample storage - including space for up to 6 rods (well protected) along with space for a scoop, tip-ups, and other items. There are other smaller pockets to help with tackle. It folds up relatively easily and can be strapped over your shoulders or stored flat. The seat is smaller, but has decent padding - although you could sit on it for a few hours - after a day or so, it does get a little uncomfortable. In our testing, the top of the chair was beginning to rip - and a metal poll protruding - showing some signs of wear and brining some question to its durability. Overall, a nice product.

Reviewer: - Nick Schwarz
Review Date: - 2/23/2010

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