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Benelli M1 Field 12 gauge shotgun Review

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Benelli M1 Field 12 gauge shotgun   

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Benelli M1 Field 12 gauge shotgun Review:

I purchased the M1 Field in 1994. I've used this gun nearly exclusively for all of my hunting and trap shooting for over 10 years. I've shot countless rounds through it, left it in the back of the truck down dusty South Dakota roads, and submerged it into a murky slough and it keeps on ticking.

A bit more detail about the gun itself. The M2 is the newer version (released in 2005) of the M1. The M1/M2 is the 'little brother' to the Super Black Eagle (SBE). The main difference is that the M1/M2 can only accept a 2¾" or 3" shell (the SBE can go upto 3½" shell).

The main feature of the Benelli auto-loaders is the ultra reliable Inertia Driven bolt mechanism. This system provides a smooth and dependable system that is easy to clean and maintain. I can't overstate how reliable this system is. With a 28" barrel, my M1 weighs in a 7 pounds 4 ounces - nearly 1 pound less than other comparable guns - making this very light gun for upland hunting. My magazine can only hold 3 shells (with one in the chamber - 4 total shots in the gun).

My M1 came with a wood stock/forearm - I have since retired the wood for the display case and have put on the synthetic stock/forearm. There are countless configurations available: wood grain, synthetic, camo (Advantage MAX-4 HD), slug barrel, turkey, law enforcement, etc.

The net/net: if you want a reliable, workhorse of a semi-auto, you outta give the Benelli M1 or M2 some serious consideration.

Reviewer: - Nick Schwarz
Review Date: - 12/11/2006

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