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Primos Cut Back Pak Review

Performance: 4.5 - Performance width=
Durability: 4.8 - Durability width=
Value: 4.2 - Value width=
Sportsman's Edge: 4.5 - Sportsman's Edge width=
Overall: 4.5 - Overall width=
Ave Price: $35.00

Primos Cut Back Pak   

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Primos Cut Back Pak Review:

The Primos Cut Back Pak includes 2 tools to help clear up a spot to sit in the woods or to clear shooting lanes. The folding saw can be used to clear bigger branches (although it would be adivsable to use it when the turkeys aren't in the area). If you need to be quiet and get some limbs out of your way, the By-Pass Pruner is your ticket. I keep the By-Pass Pruner in my turkey vest at all times.

Reviewer: - Nick Schwarz
Review Date: - 1/3/2010

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