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Benelli M2 12 gauge shotgun Review

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Ave Price: $1,175.00

Benelli M2 12 gauge shotgun   

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Benelli M2 12 gauge shotgun Review:

I bought the Benelli M2 semi automatic shotgun this past Spring. For my first 15 - 20 years of pheasant hunting I shot a Winchester Model 120 pump -- my first shotgun given to me from my Dad. I shot OK with that gun, but never great.

At age 30, I acquired a Browning A5 semi auto. I liked having a semi automatic vs. a pump. I was hit or miss -- either I was on or I was off.

Finally, I broke down and bought a really nice semi auto -- the Benelli.

My first opportunity with the M2 was Sporting Clays. I typically shot 20 - 28 clays out of 50 possible. These are tougher than straight trap shots, but still I wasn't great by any means. My first round with my M2, I shot a 28. Every round since has been in the 30's, including a 38.

With this gun, I improved by a whole 10 clays / round -- it just feels right for me.

In the field, my pheasant hunting results have been good as well. I have a ton of confidence and shot extremely well all Fall.

Only 2 jams all year and that was with trap loads (light loads). I think the shell didn't have quite enough powder to fully eject the shell. Not 1 single issue all Fall pheasant hunting and we hunted in hot to very cold (0 degrees w/ wind).

If you want to improve your accuracy, the technology and smoothness of the Benelli M2 is the way to go.

Reviewer: - Jerry Matzner
Review Date: - 1/28/2009

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