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Thompson/Center 4-in-1 Speed Loader Review

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Ave Price: $13.00

Thompson/Center 4-in-1 Speed Loader   

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Thompson/Center 4-in-1 Speed Loader Review:

The Thompson Center 4-in-1 Speed Loader is a nice to have item, but not required if you use pre-formed pellets (powder). If you are just starting out, don't let them talk you into this accessory. Yes, it is nice, but a TC muzzleloader comes with the U-View Flex Loader, which is just about as fast to reload.

If you measure out the grains of powder, the Speed Loader will be better as the powder has a separate compartment.

One nice aspect of the Speed Loader is that if your bullet fits tight, the Speed Loader helps get it seated for your rod to push it down. The U-View Flex Loader relies more on gravity. For my .50 caliber Omega, the 295 grain PowerBelt fits with minimal resistance, but a Barnes Spitfire fits much tighter in my barrel. The Speed Loader helps get that bullet started quicker.

This is a nice product, but not needed out of the gate. Make your first shot count!

Reviewer: - Jerry Matzner
Review Date: - 1/28/2009

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