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Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Release

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Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Release   

Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Release Review:

This is a great release! I have numerous brands of releases and this is my favorite release out of them all.

The Edge release really has everything that a hunter looks for in a release and more. The small head looks great and is the smoothest that I've ever shot. The strap is extremely simple and quiet, not only to put on but also to adjust. The buckle strap has 10 different holes, to fit even the smallest wrists. Another great thing about the release is that adjusting the length is extremely simple. All that has to be done is loosen a small set screw and screw the release head out, making it possible to set it at your exact spot.

The thing about this release that makes it truly remarkable is the foldback design. The release pivots itself on a circular loop, allowing to foldback onto your wrist when climbing into the stand, or when nocking an arrow. This foldback is extremely quiet and you could do it with a deer standing 10 yards from you with no worries.

The features that this release has makes it one of the premiere releases I have ever shot. I would highly recommend this release.

The Foldback feature worked extremely well and I can tell you I won't go into a treestand without a foldback release again. From screwing spikes into the tree to pulling up the binoculars to check out that big buck, its perfect to just fold your release out of the way. It is a really great feature, and if you don't have a foldback release, I highly recommend them.

Reviewer: - Zach Rohlik
Review Date: - 3/29/2010
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