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Moultrie Camera Tree Mount MFH-UCM

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Durability: 4.5 - Durability width=
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Overall: 4.5 - Overall width=

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Moultrie Camera Tree Mount MFH-UCM   

Moultrie Camera Tree Mount MFH-UCM Review:

The Moultrie Camera Tree Mount MFH-UCM is a great addition for your Moultrie digital trail camera. With this, you can easily mount your game cameras to any tree. The mounting bracket adjusts to almost any position to allow for aiming of your trail camera. You do not need any tools to install as it mounts to the tree with a tree screw-in. If you ever plan to mount your camera to a tree, this is the ticket!

Reviewer: - Nick Schwarz
Review Date: - 9/26/2008
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