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About SportsmansReview.com

I’d bet, I’m a bit like you. I love to hunt, I really love to hunt... but I have a life too. A house, a job, and a family. So, when I can get time in the field, I want my hunt to be as successful as possible. This often means I have to rely on good quality gear. But it’s not always that easy to make your selection on good quality gear.

At SportsmansReview.com, we've assembled a pro-staff team dedicated to putting hunting and fishing gear to the test. After real-life field use along with some specific testing, we publish and share our results with you. If the gear fails, we might offend some manufacturers along the way - but, there is no doubt that our reviews are accurate and unbiased - and hopefully we'll point you towards better performing gear. These reviews are for you.

SportsmansReview.com's sole purpose it to help all sportsmen make the best buying decisions possible so that you experience more enjoyable outdoor adventures!.

-Nick Schwarz, Founder SportsmansReview.com

Sportsman's Review Founder, Nick Schwarz
Sportsman's Review Founder, Nick Schwarz after a successful pheasant hunt.

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