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12 Volt Battery Solution for Trail Cameras
If your trail camera is capable of being powered off an external 12 volt battery, we highly recommend utilizing this feature. When utilized property, it is amazing to see how much longer your camera will operate; not to mention that you will no longer be contributing to the heap of dead "D" batteries. We continue to be amazed that this hasn't become a standard option offered by all manufacturers.

Below are some simple instructions for creating a 12 volt battery setup. Before you begin, you'll need to purchase the following items:

  • 12 volt battery - available at many auto supply stores - often referred to as a motorcycle battery. In some cases, you may be able to use an old car battery.
    Trail Camera 12 Volt Battery Solution
  • Cord - the end needs to be compatible with your camera, so you may have to purchase this from your camera manufacturer or authorized retail. Here we purchased a cord from StealthCam which worked for several of our StealthCams as well as our WildView
    Trail Camera 12 Volt Battery Solution
  • Clips - depending upon the cord or your battery, you may need to buy some clips to hook up to the battery terminals
    Trail Camera 12 Volt Battery Solution

For some batteries, you'll be able to hook up this cord without modification (if the battery has small terminals that receive the female ends of the cord). However, for something more like an old car battery with larger, bolt-like terminals, you may need to purchase clips and modify the cord. To do so, simply clip the ends off with a wire cutter or nail clippers. Then, strip the wires an inch or so and connect the exposed wire to the clip and secure it.

Trail Camera 12 Volt Battery Solution

Here is what a modified cable looks like when completed:

Trail Camera 12 Volt Battery Solution

Here is what the cable would look like attached to the battery (unmodified):

Trail Camera 12 Volt Battery Solution

Be sure to check with your manufacturer or product manual before connecting your trail camera or any other electronic device to an external battery. Failure to do so could result in damange or functionality loss for that item.

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